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November 26, 2012 in Innovation

…and the founder of PayPal, Gary Kasparov and Peter Thiel,  feel that we have lost our innovative nerve, or so they write last week in an FT article.

Something of which I have been thinking for a long time.

Think of the Internet, deep below was the invention of the infrastructure. The Internet is the bedrock of the Information Age. Let’s compare the Internet with railways, the invention and the bedrock invention of the industrial age.  Without the first rudimentary computers there would have been no need for the Internet. Similarly the steam engine had first to be invented for the idea of a railway to become feasible. If the Internet is similar to railways, the World Wide Web that allows us to travel with ease and speed across the Internet is similar to the mobile steam engines – the locomotives – and the trains that allowed the industrial age to move material and people about.

Now, if you follow me, where does the innovation that we have recently seen on the Internet follow my analogy?  iPad vs PC comes across as an electric locomotive versus the steam of the 19th century.  Facebook, Groupon, LinkedIn, Twitter? I suggest they are all the tweaks given to make travel for humans more comfortable on the trains, the invention of the Pullman carriages with their cabins, lounge cars, refreshments and waiters serving the cabins…

Yes these are all innovations, but they all happen on the bedrock of serious technological invention and innovation.

When last did we see this?

Tomorrow Kasparov and Thiel’s illustrations.

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