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Losers of the world unite!

December 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Had to move to and fro between Pretoria, Sandton and Bryanston yesterday. Passing the Cosato led go-slow yesterday agains e-toll and seeing the jubilant faces in red shirts a slight variation to the old communist slogan crept into my my mind ” Losers of the world unite!”  – surely “workers”  of the world would be most inappropriate.

Clearly the only people who could waste a day like that were those whose income was not dependent on not working. So what does that leave us with?  Those paid by the union, those who could take the day off work and still get paid their absence not noticed and the jobless. So this is what it has come to: Those of us who want to work, must be productive to earn our keep are held at randsom by the jobless and the unproductive.

Someone out there who want to calculate the cost of yesterday’s escapade? The four hours of my time and productivity wasted yesterday would easily have covered a year’s toll fees.

A mischievous thought: Can’t Cosatu be sued for loss of income because of their actions?

And spare a thought for all the useful idiots who supported them: Losers of the world unite!

2 responses to Losers of the world unite!

  1. Hi Bertie, surely the regular ‘rent a crowd’ by members of the tripartite allince is their way of creating employment :D

  2. Hi Chris, glad to see you surfacing again! Yeah, it reminds me of one of the graffito’s in London Nigel Reece recorded in his famous series of books: ” Labour doesn’t work!”

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