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The art of Bond

December 10, 2012 in Media

Noticed the art in Skyfall? Let’s take a breather from business and expand the senses and the mind.

Bond meets the new nerdy Q the first time in an art gallery, well not just any art gallery – The National Galllery – in front of one of the most famous of English paintings, by one of England’s most greatest painters: The Fighting Temeraire tugged to her last berth to be broken up  by William Turner.

Here it is:

The Temeraire was one of the hero’s of the famous Battle of Trafalgar where Nelson defeated the French.  Here you can see in the blaze of a setting sun how the proud (sail) warship is towed by the new technology of steam to its death.  The parallels with Bond (and M) in the new digital age is obvious. (However, as Bond mentions in the movie, he is a ” resurrection specialist” ! )

Then there is the famous scene where Bond kills the assassin aiming at the group of people looking at the stolen Modigliani paining.  refresh your memory, here is the painting: Woman with a fan (1919)

What is so interesting is that this painting was actually stolen in from the Museum of Modern Art in Paris in May 2010! See the blog by Judith Bridgland:  And according to Bridgland speculation is that the painting ended up in China.

But here’s another one:  Modigliani’s mistress and mother of his children was one Jeanne Hébuterne: Compare her looks to that of Bernice Marlohe (Severine) in Skyfall:


And then finally there is the sculpture of a deer at the entrance to Skyfall, in Scotland it must conjure up the famous painting by Edward Landseer, Monarch of the Glen.

Skyfall could just as well have been named: Monarch of the Glen.





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