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The Art of Bond (2)

December 11, 2012 in Media

After yesterday’s post a reader asked “What about the painting in M’s office right at the end?”   Once again I am indebted to Judith Bridgland for the reference (http://jibridgland.blogspot.com/2012/11/skyfall-and-painting-in-ms-office.html ). The painting is HMS VIctory heavily engaged in battle at Trafalgar by Thomas Buttersworth. And here is the interesting part, The Temeraire is right behind Nelson’s flagship, the Victory! Imlied: Bond is back in full battle.

But there is another twist to the tale. Nelson died at the battle of Trafalgar, just as M at Skyfall.  In his dying moments Nelson asked is captain, Thomas Hardy to kiss him – with the analogy of Bond kissing M a final a dieu.

Here is the famous painting of Nelson’s death, compare the  chiaroscuro (stark contrast between dark and a pool of light) with the scene at Skyfall:


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