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There really is no excuse!

January 21, 2013 in Media, Smart thinking

A couple of days later than usual for the first blog of the year – but with one of the most inspirational reads I had in years!

This is what you must – not should! – begin the new year with: ¬†Bend, not break. A life in two worlds by Ping Fu the Ceo of Geomagic, that’s the company that provides the software for 3D scanners to talk to 3D printers.

This is the tale of a young girl who lived with her aunt and uncle in a wonderful three storied house in Shangai whose idyllic life burst apart at age 9, one afternoon in 1966 when Mao’s Red Guards ripped her from her family and shoved her off to live in decrepit barrack to be rehabilitated from her “black blood” ¬†contrast to the “red blood” of the uneducated revolutionaries. After a while her younger sister joined her and she had to take care of both. No schooling, she had to start working in factories at age 12.

Yet she survived. When after 11 years university education once again began in Chine (yes can you believe under Mao’s cultural revolution there was no university eductation for 11 years in China!) she got admission to study literature. She got on to the student newspaper, but a report on her research of the one child policy in China leading to the murder of female babies got her deported from China. An old student of her father’s ( who was an aeronautical engineer – also sent to do hard labour during the revolution) was at the University of New Mexico. He got a place for her at the University and with $80 in her pocket an three English words in her vocabulary she enrolled at the university, eventually earning a science degree which got her onto the team of Marc Andreesen that developed Mosaic, the forerunner of all the web browsers we use today.

then she founded Geomagic. But go read the story.

There really is no excuse to falter before the obstacles thrown at us.

And it made me muse, instead of this year thinking how we can support our children, why not think about how you can put obstacles in their way?

It might just be better for their development!

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