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Have you brushed your teeth?

February 13, 2013 in Marketing, Media

This morning? Yes? Perhaps you should thank a guy called Claude Hopkins. Hopkins was responsible for arguably the most successful advertising campaign of all time.

He not only sold a brand to American and ultimately consumers the world over, he sold brushing your teeth by selling toothpaste, a specific brand, Pepsodent.

Look at the figures: Before Pepsodent appeared in the early 1920s only 7% of Americans had a tube of toothpaste in their medicine cabinets. American volunteering for service in World War ! had such bad teeth that it was noted as a national health hazard. A decade after Claude Hopkins began to advertise Pepsodent 65% of Americans  had toothpaste in their medicine cabinets.


Yes, what Dickens was to the novel, Picasso to art, Elvis to rock ‘n roll, Claude Hopkins was to advertising (says James Twitchell).

So how did he do it?

Let’s see tomorrow!

Post Script: Speaking of brushing your teeth, here’s a great one from Google. The tea for a new product or service The toothbrush test – will people use it at least two times a day!


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