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Brush your teeth (PART IV)

February 21, 2013 in Marketing, Media

So, how did P&G save Febreze ?

In a desperate effort to save their careers, the marketing team once more viewed the footage they had of housewives cleaning their homes. The spotted something significant. When the cleaning was done, the housewives smiled, or did something relaxing to celebrate the chore being done.

This is what the marketing team latched on, they repositioned Febreze not as part of the cleaning process, but as the final cherry on top that celebrates the job being done. They even added scent to the product (which originally was intended to make odours, indeed any kind of scent go away!).

What the team discovered was the third link in the habit chain: a reward is not enough, you must also create a craving.  Housewives, they found, craved some kind of experience to show that they had really finished the job and the the reward Рa fresh smelling room Рwas in sight.

Febreze became the sensation they craved for.

Claude Hopkins missed out on this third ingredient of the habit chain, but it was there, all the time. Pepsodent had an ingredient that created a craving in the same way that the scent of Febreze enticed the housewives doing domestic work!


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