How To Promote Your Blogs by Sending Out an E-Mail Broadcast

December 2, 2012 in Blogging

By putting together an emailing with your best and most popular blogs you will get online communities interested in your blog posts. You can copy and paste the content that you have created yourself and feature all the links to your blog postings in to an email and send it off to your list.

You can create this kind of newsletter in several ways, but it’s most effective for you to sign up for an e-mail service provider like Aweber, GetResponse or GOGVO. These services can handle subscription requests, unsubscribe requests, and change of e-mail addresses, all without your needing to do anything. In addition, most of them offer you the ability to track clicks-through on links in your newsletters and track who you e-mail and when.

There are many free mailing list options out on the internet, but to be honest the ones that really work and support tracking involve a monthly fee, the fee is not expensive. Think that you are handling a business, are you seroius about your business and growing your business then my recommendations are to make this small investment. Shop around if you like but the 3 that I have recommended are the ones that are professional and have all the features you need to run your online business, they will all take care of your list and how you can manage your mailing list very professionally.

By getting the right tools for your business you will be able to promote your blogs by sending out and email broadcast.  This is just one way of promoting your blog.  If you interested in other ways then you will be interested to check out this free video how you can promote your blog.



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