Your Blog Sidebar and What You Can Find

December 8, 2012 in Blogging

Your Blog Sidebar and What You Can Find:  Every blog has the possiblity to add a sidebar to your blog, so you have the possbiility to add content into the sidebar. Normally most blogs has diffirent layouts and the choice of two or three columns, and the sidebar material typically appears in the second and/or third columns.

Some blogs don’t have sidebars at all, and on other blogs, you may discover additional elements beyond what you see listed here.

Date-based archives: You have a choice to archive your blog posting, once it is published by date and by category. You can choose which one you want to display on your blog, this also helps visitors viewing your old posts by looking at the different categories that you have on your blog. I personally like archieving my blog posts by category.

Categorized archives: By category we mean basically archiving by subject in other words. So once you have published a blog post under a category for example Blogging your visitors will easy see all the blog posts you have under the subject Blogging. So when your visitors click on the category link displays only the posts int hat subject area, in reverse chronological order. You will find that people will stay on your blog longer as they will find relevant information when visiting your blog.

Blogroll: A blogroll is a list of blogs that you find interesting or useful. This is a great way to include blogs and Web sites the blogger likes to read on your website. So you are directing your readers to other interesting web sites. You never know but those sites can also return the favor byt sending their visitors to your website or blog.

Information about the author: You do find alot of visitors want to read more about the author, so it is true that blogs are personal. I also think a great tip is to write a bio about yourself, by doing this you can gain creditability and trust and people start to get to know you. Many bloggers know their readers are curious so it is really good to add a bio and other information for your readers.

RSS feed link: What does RSS stand for, it is Really Simple Syndication. So readers can subscribe to your blog by useing a newsreader, such as Google Reader. Whena reader subcribes to your RSS feed, they will and can read the latest updates via the newsreader rather than visiting your blog. This is a smart way for readers to get the latest updates directly, they do not have to visit your blog several times a day, to see if you have added new content. You can also submit your RSS feeds through RSS submission directories to give boost to your blog.

These are just a few what you can find on your blog sidebar.  There are alot of other this you can add,  but I personally think that these are great to understand if you are starting up on the internet or just wondered what these things are.

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