Sustainable Developement Without Borders (NGO)

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The founding meeting of the newly formed Non – Governmental Organisation, SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT WITHOUT BORDERS (NGO) was held on the premises of AERLIS in Oeiras on 30 November 2012.
The mission of the newly formed NGO is amongst other sustainable economic development objectives to assist under-developed, developing and emerging market countries experiencing high inflation or hyperinflation to immediately stop
(a) the very erosive effect of such high inflation or hyperinflation in their monetary economies as well as (b) the equally erosive effect of the stable measuring unit assumption in their constant real value non-monetary item economies (constant item economies) with the Daily Index Plan.
The Daily Index Plan has two parts:
(i) Capital maintenance in units of constant purchasing power as authorised in IFRS in 1989 and (ii) Daily inflation-indexing of the entire money supply under complete co-ordination.
The Daily Index Plan is based on the very successful Brazilian Real Plan that stopped hyperinflation in Brazil overnight at no cost.
This would stabilise the entire economy which would increase the level of sustainable economic development for an indefinite period of time in all entities that at least break even in real value – all else being equal.
The founding members provisionally elected the following members to the statutory bodies:
General Assembly Board
Chairman: Carlos Baptista
Vice Chairman: António Mendes
Secretary of the Board: Harriet Smith
Management Board
Executive Director: Nicolaas Smith
Vice Executive Director: José Gomes
Director: Ana Ferreira
Audit Committee
Chairman: Rui Feiteira
Relator: Ana Paula Mendes
Secretary of the Audit Committee: Helena Lobão
The founding members also approved the NGO´s Articles of Association, Internal Regulations, strategic orientation and fundamental areas of activities.
The NGO´s first priority is to secure funding for its activities which will almost entirely be outside Portugal in under-developed, developing and emerging market economies with high inflation or hyperinflation.
Target countries with hyperinflation include but are not limited to:
Democratic Republic of Congo
Target countries with high inflation include but are not limited to:
Democratic Republic of Yemen
Sustainable Development without Borders

AERLIS, Oeiras, Portugal
30 November 2012

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