What is Procrastination?

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What is Procrastination?

Procrastination is one of the most common causes of failure.

Lets take a second and see how Wikipedia describes the term:

What is procrastination?

In psychology, procrastination refers to the act of replacing more urgent actions with tasks less urgent, or doing something from which one derives enjoyment, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time

So if you really think about it we all as human beings are stopping ourselves when opportunities come around, we ourselves spoil ones chances of success. Most of us go through life as failures because we are waiting for the time to be right to start doing something worthwhile.

Do not wait!

The time will never be just right.

When you make a decision to start, start where you stand and work with whatever tools you n´may have at that moment. As you go along you will find better tools and you can use them. We all need to start somewhere.

Remember to reduce tasks to get to the next step, if you are putting to much pressure on yourself. So to get started, just take the first step and work yourself through it totally until it is finished, this will give you a sense of achievement that you have accomplished something. Then take the next step and the next and next until your task is completed.

Just make the decision and then take that decision. When you are procrastinating you are actually want to do something but you find other things to do that is not aligned to what you should be doing. You therefore find conflicts and become conflicted within.

Make a decision and who will see how easy it becomes to take action and do not procrastinate.

Last tip is to have a plan and get started, do not over plan as this is also procrastination.

Start simple, make a decision and get started straight away!

Now this is where it get very interesting!

Are you at a stage where you are searching the internet to find the next best thing on the market,  buying all the latest products trying to understand if the last product you just bought will work and have a fear inside of you that you are unsure.  It is so easy to fall into the trap and once you there then you find yourself not taking action,  wanting to but not sure.  This is how quickly you fall into the trap and then you start to procrastinate.

Well I want you to go watch this video.

Make a decision to buy the product and you will find that you are in a community of people that will help you succeed


Go watch this Video


Go click on the Button below to Join!




4 Life Review

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4Life Convention In Mexico Draws 9,000 Attendees

4Life executives recently returned from Mexico City where they participated in an International Networkers Team (INT) Convention at The National Auditorium. The INT’s event, Building the Future, attracted more than 9,000 team leaders from dozens of countries around the world

When I saw this article,  it really struck me.  You might be wondering why?

Well it is simple, real simple…..

I scrolled down the page and then this drew my attention….




…..we have 15 years of spectacular growth and it took my breath away!

4 Life has been  around for 15 years

Taking Transfer Factor to the World®

In 1998, 4Life Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee launched the company’s flagship immune system support product, 4LifeTransfer Factor

see original article


but you might be asking what is the point,  well this is a point 4 life has been a round for 15 years that has drawn 9000 people to an event in Mexico and will be meeting up again in Oct 2013.  Check out rating after 15 years….




This is what the point is:

Empower Network has also just had an event in Chicago last week and there were more than 5000 people that attended the event.  But Empower Network has only been  around under 2 years!! Is that not amazing and still growing..and you are earning 100% commissions!


Check out this article:


Empower Network – 12,594 New Sign Up’s in March 2013


And here are the rankings of Empower Network,  so you can see for yourself ..



It is so easy and simple to do,  you actually earn as you learn and you have the top earners teaching you the exact same strategy they use to make money online.  Yes that is correct,  the only catch is that you have to be prepared to learn and take action.  As we all know you cannot be rich over night by marketing your product once or twice,  You have to be consistent and take action.  If you are prepared to do this then Empower Network is for you.

So click on the link below and join an amazing team. A team that will help you to succeed if you are prepared to learn and to take action!




Another link I came across is to compare the compensation plan between 4 Life and Empower Network.  Check it out for yourself,  just click on the links below:

Compensation Plan 4 Life

Income Disclaimer Empower Network





He’s 12 and makes more than YOU!‏

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While I was in Chicago this past weekend, I met a LOT of people…people from all over the world and from all walks of life who are locking arms with us as we continue on our movement in helping more people live their dreams.

But there is a person I met, that completely blew my mind away…

His name is Jesse, he is 12 years old and he is from The Netherlands.

David Wood brought him up on to the stage to explain to the entire audience of 5,000 people that he had earned $12,000 with our company, working it part-time, with the assistance of his dad.

(His dad owns the account, as you have to be 18 to join Empower Network, but this young man is the one doing the marketing and generating the income.)

Here’s a photo of Jesse on stage:






This is what blew me away….

He is 12 yrs old, lives in Holland, goes to school full time, has friends and like to do things 12 yr olds do…and take note his first language is Dutch and not english!!

And STILL has time, or has made time to learn how to make money online with Empower Network in only 2-3 hours a day…

In fact…$12,000 in just the last 3 months.

See Jesse didn’t even start with us until January 2013, and by the date of this photo, which was on April 20, 2013, Jesse stood on that stage and shared he had earned $12,000..

In case you don’t get it..

He is taking home more than the average American takes home from their job they normally spend 8 – 12 hours a dat at!!
So you see, in our company, working with our community of people, being engulfed amongst people who are excited to see you succeed, ANYONE, who decided to make it happen, can succeed here.

======Income Disclaimer======

Just becaue Jesse was able to make $12,000 in 3 months with us doesn’t mean you will. Jesse clearly has taken the time to go throught the training and has actively applied what he has learned.
In other words, you’re gonna have to DO something to GET something!!!

See our Income Disclaimer here!

=====End of Income Disclaimer======

I was so impressed with Jesse and his results that I asked his dad if I could interview him for a documentary that I am doing….and his dad said yes.

Here is a behind the scenes photo of Tracey Walker, one of the most successful ladies in Empower Network, interviewing Jesse:






After listening to Jesse, and hearing his story, I KNOW in my heart..deep down inside, that if HE can make this business work for him…

Then you can make it work for you.

All you have to do is decide..

Decide now that TODAY everything changes, and that you deserve to life life free..

You deserve to make your dreams come true…

And you DESERVE to live abundantly!

Go here now…see the video that Jesse and his dad saw to help them get started.

And after you use your credit or debit card to get started for the $25, I’ll be right there, ready to get you plugged in our system….where we breed and cultivate success!


VIDEO: 12-Year-Old Boy Makes $12,000 In Four Months With Empower Network

April 25, 2013 in 15K Formula, Driving Massive Traffic, Viral Blogging System

VIDEO: 12-Year-Old Boy Makes $12,000 In Four Months With Empower Network


Imagine being a “tween” who works 1-2 hours per day online…..and earns as much money as someone who works 8 hours a day at a job they hate!

That’s a reality for this young man, Gesse.  He’s from the Netherlands and works with his Dad in the Empower Network affiliate program.

And he’s made over $12,000 in Empower Network in the last 4 months.

I got an opportunity to spend about 20 minutes with Gesse and his Dad backstage at the recent “Get Money 2013″ event in Chicago.  He’s a fantastic young man and a great communicator.

But his REAL secret is that A.) he believes he can be successful and B.) he follows the system without trying to change it or do something that isn’t part of what we teach.

He’s coachable.

He’s trainable.

And he’s made over $12,000 in the last four months by using the same system that I use.


Get that.  Really get that.

What would YOU do if you were 12 years old and earning more money in a month than most Americans?  And without all the bills?

I don’t know what Gesse does with his money but one thing is certain:  he’s got a head start on a lot of people because he’s learning how to do this NOW instead of after 40 years of working in dead-end jobs.

But the best part of the story is this:

He’s ROBBED everyone of their excuses.

Don’t have much money to get started?  Neither did Gesse!
Don’t have any experience in online business?  Neither did he!

But he’s DOING it.  And he’s not buying into all the BS and nonsense that adults get so addicted to.  He’s not lulled into mediocrity by his own excuses.

Man, don’t you wish you had started when you were 12?

Well, here’s the good news:  you can start NOW.

If a 12-year old can do it…..why not you?




David Sharpe – Co Founder Empower Network Interview

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The article David Sharpe – Co Founder Empower Network Interview by  TED NUYTEN,  is a great article that will give you a deeper insight of Empower Network.  

David Sharpe – Co Founder Empower Network Interview

David Sharpe, is President, Co-Founder and top producing affiliate and six-figure monthly earner of Empower Network, along side his partner, Co-Founder CEO and top affiliate of Empower, David Wood.

Empower Network (EN) has, as of November 2012 - 60,000+ customers and thousands of affiliates who promote their products and services, and has paid out over $16 million in it’s first year in commissions through a pass up Uni-Level compensation plan. $16 million in commissions  can be compared with $45+ Million in sales revenue in a traditional MLM company.

The global head offices are in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA with a staff of 35+ employees, and another 10+ team members around the world.

David Sharpe found entrepreneurism the “hard knocks” way. His early years were spent on the streets, where he learned a lot of life’s lessons the hard way. From hardship and struggle, to homelessness and addiction, David has persevered and overcame some of the the most difficult situations a person can face.

He eventually beat the odds, changed his life, and has now gone on to help and inspire tens-of-thousands of people around the world to overcome their personal struggles and strive to reach their business and personal goals. David’s aggressive and effective marketing style has earned him the recognition and respect of leaders and marketers around the world, and he has become one of the highest paid and most watched marketers in the industry today.

Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview David.

David, how did you got involved into MLM, who invited you and why did you accept the invitation?

I was actually invited to my first “home meeting” when I was about 22 years old. I was working for a telemarketing company, and a lady approached me with the classic line, “hey David, I’ve been watching you for the past few weeks, and you look like a sharp person — do you keep your business options open?”

Her approach with me worked, and later that night I found myself at her house watching her draw circles on a whiteboard – ever since then I’ve been “hooked” on our amazing industry.

How did you meet David Wood, and how come that you teamed up with him for Empower Network?

We met through another company, online. In the summer of 2011 he was having an event at his house in Costa Rica and he invited me down. I almost didn’t go. Last minute, I hopped on plane and flew down there. We immediately “clicked”, and started talking about the problems people were facing making money and having success in their business — and a way that we could solve those problems.
From there, many late night caffeine driven conversations followed, until the vision of Empower Network came onto focus. Once we had it, we didn’t ask questions and we didn’t worry about how we were going to make money — we just had a vision and knew things would fall into place.
So we focused on one thing and one thing only: building a company that would help the average person win in their business. And from that idea, the Empower Network was born and the rest is history.

David Sharpe and David Wood On Stage

Tracy Walker Check

Many consider Empower Network as “just a blogging website” but it is much more, what can you tell us about EN?

Yes, it’s much more than just a “blog website”. We’ve actually turned into one of the largest blogging communities and publishing platforms on the internet, with close to a million visitors coming to our website and reading and engaging in our content each day. We have people using our blogging platform to publish all kinds of content.

We have people blogging about other businesses, hobbies, religion, and even really inspirational stuff like their personal stories and experiences. It’s really been cool to see how members have used the community and training to get inspired, and then the blogging platform to express that inspiration with others.

We also offer some of the most high-level marketing training courses from some of the most successful marketers in the world. And all of our training is digitally delivered online so customers can access training courses immediately once they buy. And of course, we have a unique and profitable “100% commissions” affiliate program that gives newbies a chance to profit quickly, and leaders a chance to earn what their really worth!

David’s All In Strategy

David Sharpe All In

With an Alexa Rating around 400 Empower Network is getting approx. 1 million+ hits per day, are you surprised by the success?

What I’m surprised about is the sheer amount of people who are having success and getting results with our products and affiliate program. I’ve had person after person post, share or write in about how they’ve never made money before, but since joining Empower, for the first time ever — they’re having success and getting results in their business.

Whether their applying what they learned in one of our training courses to another business or promoting our products in our affiliate program and making money, the feedback and social proof that what we’re doing works is all over. It’s actually become to difficult to keep up with all the success stories, and everyday a new name is popping up on our leader boards or with a new testimonial about how they made money, had a business breakthrough with our training, or is excited about how simple and powerful our blogging platform is.

What in business operations is your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is actually keeping up with our growth. When your growing so fast, you typically can’t hire fast enough. We’ve actually approached building an internal corporate team just like we build and support our team in the field as marketers.

We focus on culture, talent and speed. To be more efficient and error free, we hire slow and fire fast. We only want “A-Players” working at Empower — because we believe to stay innovative and cutting edge, talent is not a place to slack.

There’s always things to learn and changes to make, and we don’t ever claim to be perfect at everything, but we’ve worked extremely hard to support our members, pay our affiliates on time and correctly, and give them the right support they deserve as entrepreneurs and marketers.

Empower Top Producers

David Sharpe Co Founder

How do you finance your corporate operations if Empower Network is paying out 100% commisions?

We get this question a lot — it’s funny. I think there are people out there who actually think there is something magical behind the scenes that happens to pay for our 40+ employees, offices and tech, legal and financial resources. But there’s nothing magical at all.

We charge a simple $19.95 monthly and non-commissionsable affiliate fee to all affiliates who promote our products and services. We also have several other revenue streams where we make a small profit on a high volume of transactions. The good news  is: we are debt free and cash-flow strong. Dave and I didn’t take a salary out of the company for several months when we launched, because we invested our personal company profit back into the company.

We’ve also been making six-figures a month as affiliates of Empower Network since we launched, promoting the products and services exactly like the rest of the affiliates do, which has allowed us to focused on our people, our teams and our company.

A pass up compensation plan is new in network marketing, who came up with this innovation?

I actually don’t know who came up with it originally, but what I like about our comp plan is that someone doesn’t need a really huge team to earn a six-figire income. That’s exactly how we wanted our comp plan to work. We wanted to make it much less difficult for someone to earn $10,000 a month than what we had to do in other companies. And it turns out, it has worked extremely well.

Is the “Badass” and “No Wussy Allowed” a marketing strategy or is it the culture?

It’s not really a “marketing strategy” — it’s that we want a company where people can feel comfortable being themselves. If they earn the right to be on stage, and they feel compelled to say “badass” in their speech, we want them to be able to do that.

For many people, what they want more than anything is to feel a part of something great, without all the pressure and expectation to “act a certain way” or “say a certain thing”. We’ve had countless people express how nice it is to loosen up a little bit and have some fun while building their business with us, and that’s the energy that we like to create at Empower.
Empower Network Atlanta Convention
Empower Network Atlanta Convention
Recently Facebook blocked Empower Network links, can it be solved?
Maybe one day. We’re not worried about it right now. It hasn’t slowed down growth one bit. I think they mis-understood what and who we are. Besides their issues with “affiliate and network marketing” as a whole, like I said — I think they mis-understood that we are growing to be one of the largest blogging communities and publishing platforms on the internet.
Once they take the time to actually look at who we are and what we’re doing — I’m confident they’ll change their perception of us. Our ultimate goal is to tun our initial negative experience with them into the opportunity to shine a positive light on our profession as whole, and bring some positive publicity to our industry — which is why we have approached our relationship with Facebook with the proper discernment.
Kevin Thompson – Empower Network Legal Advisor
Kevin Thompson Legal AdvisorWhat are the Empower Network plans for the future?

We have some really exciting times ahead. Our immediate plan is to have another successful affiliate event in Austin, TX the weekend of January 18-20 with over 4,000 affiliates. We also have some other very exciting product roll-outs and enhancements to the blogging platform coming very soon, as well as new ways to help our affiliates make more money.

On the company side — we’re going to stay focused on expanding our tech, corporate and support teams to support our growth and innovation. And Dave and I plan to stay focused on our teams and marketing, and helping our people get the results they want and deserve.

Any success tip for a “newbie”?

Yes — get all in and follow the Empower Network “8 Core Steps” found in the back office. And if you’re an affiliate, focus on getting 2 sales a day of the $25 blogging system. That’s it. If you do that consistently, everyday, our system will work for you. If you don’t follow our directions, I can’t promise results, of course. The next thing I’d say is keep it simple, and remember the 80/20 rule. 20% of your efforts will make 80% of your income.

Find out what that 20% is, and do more of it. (hint: for me, that 20% is marketing and creating content). Lastly, find out what your good at and focus on that only (at first). If your better at talking, focus on shooting videos and post them to your blog, daily. If you’re better at writing, write blog posts and post them to your blog, daily. If you’re brand new, figure out which of those fits your personality, and just take action.
Start there, and then dig into our training products and learn the more advances strategies and secrets top marketers are using to make big money online. What you need to be successful is already inside of you.
At Empower, we’ll help you learn how to find that hidden goldmine inside of you and use it to make a living, and live your dreams — and then inspire others to do the same!


Please see original article


Here is Where it Gets Really Cool

If you really think about it, it does not take long to share posts this way, in fact it only takes a few minutes.

Now you might be thinking that you do not know anything about the internet and sharing videos, you are newbie and just getting started, you have never written a blog post before, do not worry, this is all covered!

All you have to do is follow the steps in our step by step blogging guide that is in place for you.

If you are good at following instructions, do worries, everything is covered. Are you ready to follow instructions now?


Now you can start to benefit from this powerful system.

I will get right done what you need to do and what the next steps are.  Remember just follow these instructions:

1. Join Empower Network and get the viral blogging system ($25/mo) and become an affiliate ($19.95/mo)

2. Once you are registered, I will personally email you access to the Bonus Getting Started Blogging Guide that will show exactly how to set up your blog.

3. Look for viral videos or pictures, and share them in your blog post, and use the Social Media Bar to share them on Facebook on your profile, page, or in any groups.

4. I will also add you to our Private Facebook Group where you can get feedback to see if you are doing it right. We have hundreds of members all helping each other with strategies like this.

Now, that is not so hard to do and does that not sound like something you can do?

I am so excited to see you take advantage of this blog post and learn from it!




Direct Selling Companies websites – Internet Traffic Rankings 24 April 2013

April 24, 2013 in 15K Formula, Driving Massive Traffic, Viral Blogging System

Direct Selling Companies websites – Internet Traffic Rankings 24 April 2013

I had to share this post with you.  I attended the Empower Network Event in Chicago this last weekend (19-21 April) and what an event that was,  there were more than 5000 people attending.  It was totally BADASS!

But not only has Empower Network grown from 60000 members within a short period they have now over 120 000 members.  I am an affiliate to Empower Network and earning money,  but I want to share with you how Empower Network is growing and what they are achieving.  Co-Founders Dave Wood and David Sharpe have a clear vision for the company and that is to help every one of us getting all in with Empower Network,  to help us be successfull online,  and this I witnessed this weekend,  it is true this is no fake.   But I will go in depth in my other posts on this,  first of all I wanted to show you,  how well Empower Network is ranking,  so see it for yourself and this is the time to join Empower Network as things are only going to get better!!

Direct Selling Companies websites – Internet Traffic Rankings 24 April 2013

High Alexa Rankings means the company main website is getting a lot of visitors and as prospects will check out an opportunity it is an indicator for momentum, growth, excitement ect.

It is not the ultimate “Truth” as many established companies have country specific websites. If your Alexa score is going “down the drain” you bet something is not going well at all, as history has learned. Consider the rankings as a fast check.

For your reference use we have ranked 2 generic websites: and

The rankings for 10 March 2013 click here:


Empower Network Alexa Rankings 24 April 2013 Vemma Alexa Rankings 24 April 2013
Empower Network Growth +23% Vemma  Growth + 68%
IT Works Alexa Rankings 24 April 2013 Bidify Alexa Rankings 24 April 2013
IT Works  Growth +38% Bidify  Decline – 80%


The MLM Alexa Rankings are as follow:



Nr. Company website Alexa ranking ww Alexa ranking USA Sites linking in 3 months growth Old Rank
1 411 189 44,519 23% 2
2 457 1,571 7,574 -3% 1
3 2,735 70,193 4,440 11% 4
4 2,753 10,735 5,605 -25% 3
5 3,501 1,608 5,281 -3% 5
6 4,683 6,841 5,535 -8% 6
7 5,944 6,258 1,361 -9% 7
8 7,642 1,665 3,821 9% 10
9 7,728 19,546 2,190 -17% 8
10 8,329 3,033 3,859 17% 12
11 8,464 26,532 306 150% 13
12 9,532 14,038 1,993 4% 14
13 9,688 17,590 453 -24% 9
14 10,505 38,431 1,131 100% 18
15 11,289 2,436 1,151 9% 15
16 12,354 11,730 1,885 -17% 11
17 12,414 13,380 3,805 20% 19
18 (Visalus) 13,659 3,338 3,813 -18% 16
19 (Brazil) 13,865 ? 1,424 8% 22
20 14,379 12,461 3,173 9% 20
21 15,537 3,969 2,554 -17% 17
22 (It Works Global) 15,582 2,694 2,783 38% 25
23 17,315 35,101 1,217 -2% 21
24 17,453 5,083 2,973 8% 23
25 17,862 4,828 8,251 18% 24
26 18,886 5,600 2,431 68% 28
27 (Site Talk) 22,099 ? 119 13% 27
28 23,852 20,991 5,736 24% 30
29 24,291 4,315 840 -8% 26
30 24,719 4,123 1,452 37% 34
31 (Germany) 24,811 ? 1,271 11% 29
32 25,055 5,157 3,323 22% 36
33 26,026 5,528 2,588 16% 35
34 26,078 5,819 5,199 -5% 32
35 26,338 11,101 2,803 21% 31
36 28,322 4,837 1,879 -3% 37
37 29,254 10,908 8,672 10% 40
38 31,861 10,625 581 5% 38
39 32,184 102,326 495 -6% 42
40 33,129 6,748 2,433 12% 39
41 37,586 14,112 924 14% 43
42 39,556 43,195 904 -12% 41
43 41,922 17,651 1,650 12% 44
44 46,889 7,330 414 -2% 45
45 49,324 7,144 1,373 -14% 47
46 49,876 11,280 137 -31% 46
47 51,386 168,000 91 78% 59
48 51,586 10,000 518 -3% 48
49 53,685 153,737 553 28% 54
50 54,279 18,966 712 20% 52
51 55,886 10,957 1,281 2% 50
52 56,210 67,626 390 -7% 49
53 56,469 10,635 1,440 24% 53
54 65,234 16,608 446 6% 51
55 76,484 21,049 381 -3% 58
56 77,504 17,305 785 -13% 55
57 81,469 176,981 830 49% 66
58 81,711 32,630 997 14% 62
59 85,239 ? 295 -20% 56
60 (Tahitian Noni) 87,882 69,630 1,539 18% 64
61 87,964 80,553 211 8% 57
62 88,972 16,546 2,076 -3% 61
63 96,391 40,006 697 30% 63
64 96,922 105,592 390 -80% 33
65 99,495 29,122 209 34% 68
66 99,616 23,314 293 -16% 60
67 101,569 50,243 370 21% 67
68 113,051 22,589 1,319 -25% 65
69 114,217 46,645 461 25% 73
70 116,034 301,925 303 14% 72
71 126,633 153,624 404 20% 74
72 126,869 576,166 449 2% 69
73 128,123 204,247 446 47% 87
74 135,504 85,689 607 23% 82
75 139,766 42,476 354 -15% 70
76 142,437 382,556 1,027 14% 76
77 144,671 ? 262 36% 78
78 145,489 26,486 997 -23% 71
79 147,356 44,460 219 5% 80
80 149,084 32,739 304 -4% 75
81 155,356 34,492 372 -10% 77
82 158,666 29,217 160 54% 85
83 159,330 133,573 174 38% 89
84 159,528 83,548 460 -2% 81
85 166,643 29,252 124 18% 88
86 172,865 77,915 174 110% 94
87 (Zija) 175,434 49,735 194 28% 86
88 182,716 ? 48 35% 90
89 188,686 50,039 443 -4% 84
90 211,527 191,353 1,110 -46% 79
91 256,090 85,003 167 -3% 91
92 (Germany) 263,688 332,217 583 -31% 92
93 294,359 209,524 603 -19% 93
94 304,926 78,388 88 -74% 83
95 384,478 153,148 62 30% 97
96 (Xocai) 405,479 153,063 306 -14% 95
97 434,980 112,166 257 -12% 96
98 (Germany) 472,151 ? 315 -11% 99
99 (LEO) 487,251 ? 28 -7% 98
100 692,172 138,285 188 0% 100

Please see orginal copy of the article 


Million Dollar Mind Bombs Hangout [Unedited Clip]

April 14, 2013 in 15K Formula, Driving Massive Traffic, Viral Blogging System


Million Dollar Mind Bombs Hangout [Unedited Clip]

If you are ready…

To begin on an amazing journey with me…

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We will teach you everything we know – if you’ll let us.

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If you still want to do a little more research…


Continue The Tour


The Magic Event Breakthrough Formula

April 14, 2013 in 15K Formula, Driving Massive Traffic, Viral Blogging System

The Magic Event Breakthrough Formula

Link on the link and watch the video.


Guess what’s coming next? It’s 15,000 in an auditorium. It’s a million dollars a month in commissions. It’s rooms of YOU standing in front of 5,000 people that are just on your team.

-David Sharpe

The Empower Network Has Just Begun…

You will understand that when you join us at the event coming up in Chicago.

Magic happens at the events.

Literally actually.

Rob Fore is a real world magician, and if you corner him you just might be able to get him to do a magic trick for you.

Rob Fore's Mysteries of Success

Yesterday, we came back to the fact that the Empower Network was  Born in Austin, Texas.

This next event coming up in Chicago is going to change the game again. You see, there is actually a formula that you need to use when you decide to go to one of our events:

The Magic Event Breakthrough Formula

1. Choose to attend
2. Go with the INTENTION of having a breakthrough
3. Go with the INTENTION of masterminding with others
4. Bring a video camera and create marketing material for the next 3 months

All you need to do to get the ball rolling is to login to your back office and make the decision to buy your ticket.


If you still need to join, you can do that first.

Every single event that I have gone to has furthered my inner circle mastermind, given me breakthroughs on different levels, and loaded me with material to use in my marketing.

Every single one.

I have been to ALL of them.

In life, one can choose to make excuses, or choose to make things happen.

Make the decision to attend, and buy your ticket. After you have that, you have made the mental commitment to attend. The next step is as simple as figuring out the details on how you are going to get there, and where you are going to stay.

It really is that simple.

We’ll see you in Chicago!

P.S. Leave a comment if you have already bought your ticket to Chicago. If you have an amazing breakthrough story from an event, share it below. Leaders, send this post to your teams, and lets get ready to rip it up in Chicago.

Disclaimer: Ummmmmm…. the video pretty much summed that up already. Results will vary, and our full income disclosure is updated daily.


Superhuman Affiliate Defies All Odds And Earns Over $700K His FIRST Month

April 13, 2013 in 15K Formula, Driving Massive Traffic, Viral Blogging System

The beautiful thing about the Vick Strizheus story is how Vick just kind of came from nowhere, in the middle of the holidays, and broke all of the barriers people thought were there, and set new all time records in the Empower Network.

The same thing happened a few months earlier when Mack Zidan came flying out of nowhere like a superhero and broke all of the records.

We Are Just a Baby…

There are some crazy people out there that think Empower is saturated. What they need to realize is that it is literally JUST getting started. The stage that the company is right now is actually when a lot of the players will look at it for the first time.

A lot of the big movers and shakers in this industry won’t touch a start-up company and risk putting their name on something that can tank.

That is why Vick stayed on the sidelines and watched for almost a year.

It is likely that the richest affiliate the Empower Network will ever see, hasn’t even joined yet.  They might not for YEARS yet to come.  I know another guy just joined that put in over 200 people in a day.

Anyone that is on the sidelines, “Still wondering if it works…”

Get off the sidelines, take action and get started.


The model is proven.

The players are coming.

It is time for YOU.

Several weeks ago now I talked about how the Empower Network was literally BORN at the “Release Your Inner Badass” event in Austin, Texas.  Honestly guys, before that, it was just a baby growing in the womb.

It is still an infant.

There is never a better time to take action than now.

Isn’t it about time that we heard YOUR story?

decide to join 1

Go out there and create your universe,

David Sharpe & Aki Wood

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BIG FAT DISCLAIMER: It is pretty obvious that Vick’s story is nothing short of incredible. The average affiliate has not put in the work yet to do like Vick did and make over $700,000 in their first month. Vick is just proof that it can be done. Money comes from the sale of products. Magical ferry people don’t pull out their magic wands and make money appear in your bank account when you decide to join. Individual results will vary, and our full income disclosure is updated daily.


The Power of Forming Masterminds

April 12, 2013 in 15K Formula, Driving Massive Traffic, Empower Network Formula, Viral Blogging System

The Power of Forming Masterminds

Raw Power

There ain’t nothin more powerful on earth than two or more people who are gathered with the same purpose, same vision, speaking the same thing, active in the same direction.

There ain’t nothin’ more powerful than that.

That can break through obstacles that doesn’t even make sense that they could even be broken through, that seem to not be able to be broken through, and you guys can do things you can’t even imagine when you do that.

-David Wood

Masterminds are incredibly powerful, and when you leverage them,  your business will change.  What is the best place to form these masterminds?

Get to the next live event.

Every great mastermind that I know of began after two or more people met in person.  I’m sure there is some cosmic exception to that, but it is rare.

The best place to meet people that are moving and thinking in the same direction is to meet them at the events.


You can build strong relationships over the internet.  They get cemented into reality when you meet in person.

Go to the events with the intentions of having breakthroughs, and with expanding your circle of friends that are moving in the same direction.  It is the best way to utilize this powerful force.

When 2 or 3 are gathered together with a common vision, anything is possible.

When you get around 5000 of them together, magic happens.

I’ll see you at the next event,

P.S. Leave your comments below.

Obvious Disclaimer: No income is ever guaranteed. Individual results will vary. Breakthroughs that you have when you attend an event will also vary from person to person. Our full income disclosure is updated daily.