David Wood Has A Goal for 2013

December 9, 2012 in Empower Network Formula, Viral Blogging System

David Wood Has A Goal for 2013 is simple:

Help 30 people make more than $1,000,000 with Empower Network.

To do that, I need 30 people earning a minimum of $3,000 per day by January – and…

…I promise, it will happen.

The only question is:

Will you be one of them?

Right now, we have between 6-12 people doing that every day. That number needs to multiply by five.

That means – to hit my goal, I need you to be five times as successful as you are right now.

I don’t want Tony Rush to earn a million dollars in 2013 – he’s on track to do that now. I want him to earn at least $3,000,000.

I don’t want Lawrence Tam to earn a million dollars, either – that would only be doubling what he did in 2012. He can multiply it by five.

I want YOU to make $3,000 daily, and now.

HOW do you do that?


Get 2 new customers a day – follow the 8 core steps [do NOT skip any of them] and focus on the ‘all in’ message.

We have good upsell metrics – I believe we can do better.

I believe that we can have five times the current success – by January.

I believe that YOU can make a million dollars with us.

And I don’t care if you’re damned homeless.

But YOU have to commit.

How do you get 2 customers a day?

You need a minimum of 30 leads a day – the MOMENT you do that, everything in you life will change. Do it.

I don’t want to hear ‘I’m trying’

I want you to stretch, and get it done NOW.

I’m going to be forming a mastermind to get 30 people to a million dollars or more – and the only way to get in it, is get 2 damned signups a day.

It’s easy, if you focus on THAT and only THAT.

Who’s in?

So All You have to get in is to get all in

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