Hot Tips How to Personalize Your Marketing Video YouTube Channel

December 14, 2012 in Driving Massive Traffic, Empower Network Formula, Viral Blogging System

Hot Tips How to Personalize Your Marketing Video YouTube Channel: Once you have created a YouTube channel for your marketing videos, you also have an option to personalize it and make it look more attractive for viewers. By doing this you are actually personalising your YouTube Channel and visitors will be able to reckonise you and get to know you

Here is a Step by Step Guide how you can personalise your YouTube Channel:

Click the Edit Channel button.

You can change the background color of your channel, click Choose a Color and select a color you like. You can use a color that reflects your companies idenity,
for example this could be colour of the company logo. Once you have changed the background colour. Click Accept and the backgorund colour will now be

If you want to make your channel look unique you can also upload a background picture, you can do this by using the Background section on this page.

Maybe you promoting a product, then you can use a picture of the product, or you can simply use a attractive background pattern. Just bare in mind that the
visitors only see the image on both sides of the main content area in the middle of the screen.

To move on lets Choose Info and Settings in the top bar.

Enter a title for your channel in the Title field.
This can be a desrciption of your topic your channel covers or even your business name. Explain what you channel is all about in the description text, enter a
brief description. This text appears on your YouTube channel page and helps users understand what you have to offer.

In the Tag Fields enter some descriptive keywords. Use plenty of tags, at least 10 or 20. The purpose in doing this is so that people can find your channel if they
are looking for information about your topics and videos you are uploading into your channel. These keywords describe the topic of your channel. Remember
to separate your keywords with commas; for example; make money, make money online, make money fast.

You need to choose Video Tab in the Default Tab box. The reason why you are doing this is to ensure that your mewest videos appear on your channels front

Click Done Editing.

It definetly pays off in investing a bit of time in when choosing your channel’s background. It does not only make your channel look distinctive but it also helps
branding when you are displaying your company’s brand image. As a starting point, look for YouTube backgrounds at your favorite search engine to find lots of
freely available background images.

To become a YouTube Partner, you need approximately 100 000 videos views. You to become a YouTube partner to be able to get highly customized layouts
with large, graphical headers or even interactive elements. Unfortunately, these bells and whistles aren’t available to everyone.

I hope that you can use my “Hot Tips How to Personalize Your Marketing Video YouTube Channel” to personalize your YouTube Channel and wish you all the
success and enjoy building your channel, have fun whilst you doing it!



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