How to Promote Marketing Videos on YouTube

December 16, 2012 in Driving Massive Traffic, Empower Network Formula, Viral Blogging System

How to Promote Marketing Videos on YouTube:  Sometimes one does not think that YouTube has its own social networking community.  This alone is really something you can benefit from for your business marketing videos if you start to use its social features. This can bring additional value to your business

So how do you engage with YouTube Community?

Here is some of the list that describes the most important ways to engage the YouTube community:

Start to subscribe to other people’s channels. By doing this you are updated about what’s new on the topics that you may be interested in.  You normally find because most people return the favor of subscribing you will also be able to reach them with your videos as well.

A strategy that always is recommended to marketers and that work very well is starting to comment on other channels and videos. You get noticed when you are adding good comments and also comments that add value to others.  People will start to follow you, be authentic, though you must bear in mind that most people can spot insincere flattery. Just be yourself and also good to get response from other people is to add a call to action.  People will be curious and will start to engage with you.  Not just engaging in you, your videos will also get much more viewers.

Another way is to use video responses. YouTube has a special form that permits comments and lets you use a video to react to somebody else’s video. You can either use a video you already have or one you make specifically as a response. Again, be authentic and sincere.  As I advised earlier try to add value when engaging with other people, using aggressively promotional video responses what people may see as spam can cause you to be blocked in no time.  This is what you want to prevent.


This is like Add as Facebook friends the people whose content you like. You can “friend” people on their channel pages next to the Subscribe button. It works a lot like Facebook friendships — it’s more of a social gesture of appreciation than a real friendship. You then appear on your YouTube friends’ channel pages, which is another way to gain more visibility.

You can also favorite other people’s videos. By favoriting other people’s videos is probably the highest expression of appreciation on YouTube. What it does is that it adds these videos to the Favorites list on your channel.  So then these favorites are visible to your channel’s visitors.  Be smart and add only other excellent videos that fit your own goals. You can add other people’s video to your own playlists.

I hope that this will help you to promote your marketing videos on YouTube.  These simply strategies do not cost you anything and really smart ways to get more eyeballs to your marketing videos and who knows, your videos can go viral.

YouTube Community Guidelines



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