Leaders Reinvest

February 25, 2013 in 15K Formula, Driving Massive Traffic, Empower Network Formula, Viral Blogging System

“Market Daily” is a core commitment in the Empower Network for a reason. Most people in this industry get excited when they earn a commission, and go blow it on porn and potato chips.

We tell people the truth.

You need to put money back into your business. You need to have an advertising budget. You need to have the right attitude about advertising and realize that not everything you are going to try is going to work.

Simply put, this is just true. If you apply the right marketing principles, you can make money in anything within this industry.

It’s just easier here.

A LOT easier.


Superior Products + 100% Commissions + Great Leadership + Vision = Homerun






Leaders Reinvest
Every leader that I know puts money back into their business.

Remember the core commitment “Market Daily” and realize that it is a good thing to spend money on your business. Listen to the conversation between David and Chris again if you need to have this reinforced in your mind.

If you need details on HOW to do this, pick up the 15K Per Month Formula. It breaks down marketing strategies better than any other product I have been through.

David Sharpe was speaking to the Empower Network leaders at a special meeting during the Austin event, and said this…

The future millionaires of the Empower Network follow the 8 core commitments and focus on getting two per day. I guarantee you that everyone that was in that room puts money back into marketing their business, whether it is paid traffic, outsourcing SEO, or both.

Not everyone that joins the Empower Network is going to become a rich millionaire. It is going to be the people that take it seriously and treat it like a real business. I’ll close this today with another quote from the video you just watched because it sums it up perfectly:

Superior Products + 100% Commissions + Great Leadership + Vision = Homerun

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