Promoting and Sharing YouTube Marketing Videos on Facebook

December 15, 2012 in Driving Massive Traffic, Empower Network Formula, Viral Blogging System

Hot Tips on Posting YouTube Marketing Videos on Facebook:  Facebook is the world’s second most popular video sharing site, after YouTube, so actually Facebook is more than a social network.  This is a great way and easy way to share your marketing videos on Facebook. It also costs you nothing to do so, the only cost is your time embedding YouTube videos in your Facebook posts.

How to embed your YouTube videos in Your Facebook post works like this:

Choose the video you want to share, upload your videos to your YouTube channel.

Just Copy the YouTube video’s URL.

Make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account.

Go over to your company’s page or your page where you are promoting your product or service.

Just paste the code in the “Post” box and Facebook will automatically upload the video inside of the post. See picture below.

You have just posted YouTube video to Facebook.



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Post YouTube Videos to Facebook

To make it personalized add your own message and remember always add a call to action comment.  You want people to interact with you or share you post to people that they know and before you know it you video is going viral.

Last but not least you will over time be getting a lot more views and also customers.  So if you really think how easy this is to do, you not spending any money in paid advertising that is so expensive or you do not even have to invest in doing paid Facebook advertising.  This is all free.  If you are consistent and take action, you will be able to get people engaging with you and also get to know you and your business.  They can see your activity and if you consistent and take action you will be able to grow your list faster, without spending a penny.

People are normally at different stages of their business, maybe some are just starting out and others have an established business and want to automate this process then there is also an option to do this.  To automate the process of posting your YouTube videos on Facebook, use can use specialized video marketing software that allows you to publish your YouTube videos to your company’s Facebook page. If you create video regularly and use more than one social media channel, this can a lot of save time.

Go over to  Sign up for an account and then you can start.

To post a YouTube video on Facebook using the Pixability video marketing software, follow these steps:

Log in and choose the video you want to publish.

Click the Promote button.

Click the Facebook check box. Write your post, choose to post to your company Page, and then click Send Update.

My final thoughts,  I think they both very easy ways to promote you YouTube videos on Facebook,  do some research yourself see which one suits you and then adapt the process that I have given you in this article.  But the keep is to be consistent with your marketing and to take action.  Enjoy sharing your YouTube videos on Facebook, happy postingJ

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