Second $100 000 Earners This Month Already with Empower Network

January 20, 2013 in Driving Massive Traffic, Empower Network Formula, Viral Blogging System

Second $100 000 Earners This Month Already with Empower Network:  Isn’t it crazy, that a product as simple as a $25 per month blog – instantly setup, with no tech hassles, can lead to 2 people earning $100,000 per month, in just 8 months?

I think so, too.

Disclaimer: Just because 2 people have made
over $100,000 in the last 30 days, and everyone in the
top 25 has made more than $10,000, doesn’t
mean that you’ll make ridiculous internet cash-flow,
too…. See our Average Earnings Disclaimer. 

Click here to see HOW.

Look, a lot of people want to make money blogging,
and the truth is, blogging is easy.

You don’t have to know SEO, be a tech whiz, or a
‘guru’ to create a MASSIVE amount of daily commissions.


…learning all of the ‘secret’ things that you get for
free, when you pay for our $25 blogging system…

…is a royal, massive, pain in the ass.

So with us?

It’s setup instantly, split tested daily, automatically
optimized to capture leads (we help people get about
5,000 a day), you get to capitalize off of THIS traffic:






(yes, we’re in the top 400 sites online – world wide,
that’s a LOT of traffic to get in your business)

And if you want to make money?

We don’t guarantee you’ll make some cash, but our top
2 guys this month made over $100,000.


Watch this video, NOW!

(that’s the simple formula)

And you can do it, too :)

P.S. A lot of people who are in what most call
the ‘old school’ space criticize David Wood for the fact
that he teaches everyone to stop prospecting.

The reality is, ‘old school’ was coined by internet
people, and is kind of a rude way to describe something
that produces around $110 billion a year in sales.


…here me out:

Prospecting is the single most inefficient way to get
ahold of people in 2012.

People have caller id.

They have text messaging.

They are on Facebook ALL DAY.

They have smart phones, social chat systems,
and are BUSY with lots of jobs.

(because they’re broke)

If you pick up the phone, and start prospecting
right now, you’ll get ahold of 6-12 people for
every 50 calls you make.

If you’re a ‘hoss’ you can make 50 calls in about
four hours.

To get ahold of 12 people, most of whom probably
aren’t interested.

So in four hours, you may have one real prospect.

Meanwhile, in the same four hours, I can:

1. Make a video

2. Write a blog post

3. Create 1,000 social interactions on Facebook

4. Reach thousands of people through email

5. Have a telemarketer prospecting for me

(the list goes on)

The fact?

I can sponsor more people, in a foreign country
without a phone, than the #1 prospecting machine
in the history of network marketing.

(and I have)

But does it duplicate?

Let me ask you this:

How many people the ‘traditional’ way have built
teams of 38,000 people in 8 months?

I know, a few – but that’s my point.

I’ve done it, too.

Except here’s the difference:

No meetings.

No 3 way calls.

In fact, in the last 8 months, I’ve made a total
of around 100 calls…

…including conversations with my wife and
my friends.

And it STILL worked.

Justin Verrengia heard that, stopped prospecting,
and for the first time in his life, just made $21,000
in the last 3 weeks – with NO prospecting.

Tracey Walker (click here) stopped prospecting,
stopped doing 3 way calls, stopped doing home
meetings, and for the first time ever, had her
FIRST $4,800 day.

Christina Munoz (click here) has spinal disease,
and learned network marketing the traditional
way. She can’t do it any more, because she has
so much pain. She STOPPED doing prospecting,
3 way calls, and meetings, and made $33,000
with us her first 3 months.

The list goes on…

…here’s my point:

It works. I’ve proven it. Accept it – whether you
like it or not.

I’d rather have a team of 1,000,000 people who
are FREE from the confines of slave labor, and
also make money :)

Just my two cents.

Click Here to see how it works.


I put these (literally everywhere) because I don’t
want some dork thinking that I guarantee that
they’ll make money.

I don’t do that, because yes – although in my
opinion, it’s easier to make money listening to
what I say, you might not listen.

You might just get in, and do nothing – I have
no clue.

I have no clue if you’ll work, no clue if you’ll
learn to market (it’s really not hard) and no
clue if you’ll stick around.

So I don’t guarantee incomes of any kind – because
I can’t guarantee that YOU will do what it takes.

Make sense?

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