The Freedom Model of Network Marketing

December 9, 2012 in Empower Network Formula, Viral Blogging System

There alot us on the internet that buy alot of products online meaning to make money online, I have done this buying one product to the next hoping to make money online. I have to be honest that Empower Network is a programme that you need to get and stick with. So I want to share with you the message that has been written by David Wood, himself. David Wood is one of the CEO’s and founder of Empower Network. So I want to share with you this message from David Wood, What is the purpose of the Empower Network?

What is the purpose of the Empower Network?

by David Wood

There’s a lot, but let me give you the biggest two reasons ‘why’ we do everything that we do:

1. To teach ‘the Freedom Model’ of Network Marketing and Internet Marketing to the masses in the industry who are sick and tired of ‘grinding’ strategies – 3 way calls, constant, never ending meetings, calling leads, being everyone to everybody – the need to become a Guru, the need to know everything before you make anything. To teach the real ‘beach money’ lifestyle formula, that works, and keeps you free – regardless of what business you’re in.

Why is the freedom model badass? Because you can build a business, and have a life, too.

2. To give the average guy a real, accessable ‘guru business’ in a box. What’s a ‘guru business’?

It’s the model that high level gurus spend their entire life creating, and is the most profitable kind of business that exists.

In Empower Network, we give you badass products in a well oiled, perfectly planned ladder of escalation, cover the support and technical infrastructure for you, develop the front end marketing systems to sell it for you, so you can…

…make money like the Gurus do – now.

No need to hire employees, no need to be a ‘god’ of marketing – no need to be a charismatic leader, yet – you can just…

…make money like the Gurus do.


So I hope this has given you more clarity “What the purpose of the Empower Network” is. Because what we can accomplish together, is dramatically better, and more powerful, than we could ever accomplish alone.

Because what we can accomplish together, is dramatically better, and more powerful, than we could ever accomplish alone.
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