The Truth About Posture and Mentoring

February 28, 2013 in 15K Formula, Driving Massive Traffic, Empower Network Formula, Viral Blogging System

You need to focus on your production for now. Please guys, don’t get in the trap of trying to mentor everybody.

There are phases.  Step one is produce.

You produce until you are making at least $30,000 per month, before you try to help anybody, because if you help them, you are actually screwing them up.

If you don’t produce and try to help everybody, what happens is you try to help them, and what you are telling them is don’t produce, just go help everybody.

If you produce, you start making really good money.  What happens is you get scarce.  You get scarce because everybody wants your time, and you can’t spend time with all of them, so then you can give them requirements to be around you.

That’s real posture.

In network marketing, they are like, “You need to have recruiting posture.”  It’s hard to fake.  If you fake posture, what happens is that people see right through it.  They do, they see right through it.

But, if you get two people a day, you become scarce in two months, and people will hunt you down faster than you can keep up.

When that happens and somebody says they want to spend time with you, you say, “Buy all the products first.”

“But I want to talk to you.”

“You’re not in, why do you want to talk to me?”

“Because I want to think about getting in.”

“It’s 25 bucks, if you don’t get in, I won’t talk to you.”

Send them a text or a Facebook message, and they’ll just join.

Becoming scarce gives you power.  Confidence is created from results.  I wasn’t really that confident.  I just knew that I could produce if I focused and worked my ass off.  I got a lot of people to sales stuff and it worked.

You don’t need to be confident to produce results.  You need to take action.  You need to believe that it will work and take action.

Confidence has nothing to do with it, a good sales process and traffic does.

Make Money and Have a Life

There is a reason that the message in the Empower Network is to focus on getting two $25 sales per day, and follow the 8 core commitments.

The reason is that it works, and it is what you need to be doing.







That’s where big checks like this come from.

A lot of people think they want a sponsor that will hold their hand every step of the way.  That is the exact opposite of what you want.

If your sponsor holds your hand, you will think you need to hold everyone’s hand that you bring in.  If you spend all of your time helping everyone, you have no life, and you are teaching other people to have no life.

Stop screwing people up.

The goal is to make money and have a life, not be a slave to tire kickers.  Most technical support can be figured out through a google or youtube search.  If that doesn’t give you the answer that you are looking for, click on the “support desk” link at the bottom of every page, log in with your username and password, and submit a ticket.

If you aren’t in yet, just click here, watch the video, and get in.  It is only $25 to get the blogging system.  Just get in.  We want you to make money and have a life.

You can join without asking your wife or husband.  Kevin Knecht joined without telling his wife, and they went from being bankrupt to a six figure income.  You can join without asking someone questions because that is how you want people to join you.

Just go watch the video and join.

Welcome to the movement.


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