Top Tips How To Add Bio To Your Website with WordPress Widgets

January 4, 2013 in Driving Massive Traffic, Empower Network Formula, Viral Blogging System

Your customers want to know who you are and want to know more about you.  This is how you gain creditability with your customers and visitors.  It is not difficult to do, adding your bio is similar to adding any text or HTML to your sidebar.

To add a bio, photo, advertising, or anything else custom, you have to put these into a Text Widget and then add it to your sidebar. So here are the steps how to add bio to your website with WordPress Widgets:

  1. 1.     You need to be in the admin area of your WordPress Blog.  So from your WordPress Dashboard, choose Appearance > Widgets.  Also you have to bear in mind that if you have more than one sidebar, you need to click the down arrow in each widget area to expand so that you can drag new widgets into place.
  2. 2.     Once you in the Widget Area,  take the mouse over the Text Widget in the main widget area until your mouse pointer changes to a Move icon.  The Move icon looks like a plus sign with arrows in all directions or like a grabbing hand.
  3. 3.     The Text Widget will open up automatically after you let go of your mouse pointer.  So Click and drag the Text Widget to the position you want your bio to appear in the sidebar.
  4. 4.     You can add  a Title like About Me or My Bio in the Text Field to add your bio. It is good to add a title than to leave it blank. In the larger text field type your bio (or copy and paste it if you already have a short bio saved somewhere else).  You can also add your bio as formatted with HTML, if you are familiar with HTML.  So enter a title or heading in the Title field and tyoe your bio in the larger field.
  5. 5.     To save your bio, just click the Save Button.  So go view your blog and see how the widget looks like.  You can change your bio any time,  just go to the same widget and change the text or content and save it again.  It is always a good idea to preview the content before saving it.


A great tip is always to let your visitors read more about you so that they get to know who they are dealing with and they can relate to you.  This is a great way to promote yourself on your blog or website.

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