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December 14, 2012 in Driving Massive Traffic, Empower Network Formula, Viral Blogging System

How to Tweak Marketing Videos on YouTube: After you have uploaded you marketing video, YouTube gives you some functionality to tweak your marketing videos.  Even if you have edited your video in the first place, it is very handy to have the possibility to do further video editing.

If you are in logged into your YouTube channel and want to edit a video, just click on your username in the upper right corner and choose Video Manager in the menu.  You will see that a list of videos appears, click the thumbnail picture of the video that you actually want to change.  Click the Edit Video Button above the video player.

You are now on the editing page so now you are able to change a number of elements:


This means that you can turn your video to one side 90 degrees, by using the two rotation buttons.  This is very useful if you have recorded a video on a camera phone, where the video is in portrait (upright) orientation rather than landscape (horizontal) orientation.


This is to shorten your video from both sides — what you can do is simply click the Trim button, and then drag the gray sliders from both sides. All you have to check the effect you want is to Play the video. Repeat this until you are happy with your choices, when you are happy just click the Done button.

Color correction:

You will find four buttons on the right side and they let you change the brightness, contrast, color saturation, and color temperature of your video. Most video editing programs has similar color correction features and process is also similar. To fine tune the look of your video you can use the color correction option.  You normally find that overly dark videos will benefit from more brightness.


Most times we create a video we shake sometimes and this is a great way to remove the shakiness (a common problem) from your footage. Processing longer videos takes a while, but it’s typically worth your time.


This is up to you what affects you want your video to have, there are several predefined looks that you can apply to your video. Simply choose the look you like, and click the Apply button.  Just bear in mind that less is typically more when you are adding effects to your video.


YouTube Library  has quite a lot of video’s audio track available,  so if you not sure what track you want or you cannot find the right track,  visit the YouTube library and check it out,  I am sure you will find one. Remember this action doesn’t replace proper audio editing, but if you need a soundtrack quickly, it is very helpful. The Audio tab has a style for almost every situation. You can type into the Search Available Tracks box to find appropriate tracks for your videos, experiment with different keywords; it is really good way to find the track you like.

YouTube offers a great number of sophisticated video editing tools from third-party vendors if you want to manipulate your videos in great deal, to look good so that you can get more traffic to your videos.



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