Willing to be Coachable and Who are you following?

January 31, 2013 in Driving Massive Traffic, Empower Network Formula, Viral Blogging System

Willing to be Coachable and Who are you following?

I am listening to Jason, he is one of the successes in Empower, well just one of them, believe me there are many more in Empower Network. The reason
why he can share his story and why he is so successful is that he was willing to be coachable, if you are not willing to be coachable then you will get stuck and
you will not make the money that you want to, if this is one of the goals you have in life. So the big question is who are you following and are you following
the right people

If you are you producing a little bit , like $500 a month and still wanted to make more, ask yourself seriously, who are you following. Lets take an example and
say if you are following somebody that is a expert in 3 way calls and learn from that leader, you will get good at making 3 way calls but are you not being a
slave to your business, this takes such a long time to get good in making 3 way calls and just think a bit how much time it is this taking you, if you are making 3
way calls. So think seriously and again you have to ask yourself who are you following and are you following the right people.

If you want a big breakthrough, Empty your cup, be responsive and receptive and your mind will change. Empower Network is not just a business, it is one of
the most badass businesses around but for me me it is something bigger and for alot of people it is bigger than all of us, it is bigger than a business. Empower
Network is a movement and not just any movement it is a movement for humanity. I want you to really think about that. We are a movement for humanity, so
taking you back, list to what David Wood tells you to do and just do it, get your head down and take action and lots of action.

Why do we also join programs and then question the leaders that are successful. So looking at Empower Network, do not question David Wood and his
strategies, if they are working for so many people why would you want to change anything. Just listen to David Wood and do what he tells you to do….Take
Action! You will see that you will pick up the pay check.

Apply now, get all the products and go through the training.

You see it is what you believe in, your belief shift will change. Have a belief that this will work and it will work. So you can also start being the expert in one
thing, how easy is it not then to teach other people the same thing so that they also succeed. This is exactly what Empower Network does, it is a community
helping other to help others.

What use is it to trying to learn how to make 3 way calls as you on the phone all day, you do not have enough time to learn other skill sets and this is where
Empower Network is different. The training is put together where you can start to get from 10 leads a day up to hundreds of leads a day without picking up the
phone ans making 3 way calls. So will it not be smart just to follow the steps and training that David Wood tells you to do and take action every single day. SO
you are not a slave to your own business and you will pick up the pay check sooner than what you think. This will change you life and you will be able to live
your dreams. Just by focusing and following the right people and shifting your belief…………………the sky is the limit!

Empower Network is an automatic system that works, you can start to believe and to start listening to the right people that already have what it is that you
want and that is the only true way of learning, best learning is self initiated but you need a mentor. You need a coach, that is why every professional basketball
player, golfer, athlete every sport you can imagine have a coach. So that they can get to the next level and the next level and the next level and what so damn
badass about David Wood and Empower Network, you have no idea what the level the vision is. What you see right now, is nothing compared to the vision,
so be open and receptive in receiving and your mind is going to change and what I also want you to do, join and get all in, as time is of the essence and what
you going to learn on this journey is going to blow your mind. I just want to finish off with a quote: Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe
you have to set up a life that is that you need to escape from. Just keep moving on!

This is Your Opportunity To Build A Wildly Profitable Business and Have an Amazing Life – Right Now

PS – Without Grinding, Showing Up To The Office, Or Ever Answering to a Boss.

You can do that now, here – and buy your blog for $25.


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