Women Dominate the Industry

February 24, 2013 in Driving Massive Traffic, Empower Network Formula, Viral Blogging System

Women Dominate the Industry

From a man perspective, okay, what are men interested in from something like this?  I’ll tell you, for me, if I’m thinking about business, I’m thinking about making money.  Most men don’t know that 70% of Network Marketing is women.

For example, I would be super interested in understanding, but really being good at: “how would I motivate Tracey Walker? How do I motivate Sophia?”

-David Wood

In case you are male, and already started to turn off your cave-brain because we are talking about female leadership, let me repeat that fact: about 70% of network marketing is composed of women.

YES, this is incredibly important for you to understand.

Understanding who your audience is can help you make more money.

What you are looking at right now, is a secret meeting where a group of powerful women leaders are breaking down what motivates them, and how you can attract people like them into your business.

Something like that is going to be extremely valuable to you, isn’t it?

Isn’t it nice to have leadership that is addressing these questions for you?

Look for more on this in the future.  We are going to be dissecting the secrets that motivate women.  Guys, married or single, this is going to be valuable to you in more ways than just one.

You need to know what they know.


What You Need To Do Now

We want to hear your comments and feedback on this.  For the women that are reading this…

What motivates you?

What makes you make a decision to buy a product?

What makes you stick with a company?

Let us know, we would love to hear your voice.

Men, especially if you consider yourself and “Alpha Male,” lets see if we can help to answer Nicole Cooper’s question:

A male perspective that women need to know is how do you attract an alpha male?

What is it that it would take to attract a David Wood, or a Chuck Marshall?”

Leave your comments below…

We men and women can learn a lot from one another.  Lets lay some of it out on the table in the comments today.

No “link spamming” or negativity in the comments.  All you are doing by doing that is making yourself look stupid and telling the world that you don’t know how to market.

Watch this free video if you feel like you need some marketing training.

It is important to understand, that we don’t just communicate to different personality types in this business, but different genders.

Men and women are different.  We are equal, but equal does not mean the same.

Disclaimer: thousands of people around the world are making money using our systems. We think you should use our system because in our opinion, we have the best training, and the best community that the industry has ever seen. That being said, we need to be clear on something…

We never guarantee you will make money. You earn income here from the sale of products. No products sold = No money. Lots of products sold = Lots of Money. Its a pretty simple formula. Read our full income disclosure here.

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