YouTube Traffic Secrets: Drive Massive Traffic To Your Videos

December 9, 2012 in Driving Massive Traffic, Empower Network Formula, Viral Blogging System

Traffic Secrets with YouTube

Understanding How Does Bring You Traffic?

Things are alot different these days on the internet, remember the days when the search engines were the only way to find what you wanted on the internet.
There are alot of people looking for information or how to do things on subjects that they want to know more about and videos are a great way of putting this information together, so
in a way now acts like a search engine, when people are posting their instructional videos or informational videos.
So if you are putting great informational videos or instructional videos on, they is a very good chance that your video will be found on the internet. And once they are
found and viewed, you can lead them to your website through the description box.

Understanding How Youtube Eliminates The Competition
You are always competing with hundreds of thousands of sites in order to get your website on the first page in a good position. It is not just to get on the first page in the search engines but also to stay on the first page with the number of competition sites that are increasing very rapidly.
If you optimize your video and get on the first page of, chances are that the competition will not be as great, it will not be in the hundreds of thousands but mostly a few hundreds. Now you can see how video marketing can really help you to drive traffic to your site or offer you are promoting. This is the power of

This is great and you most probably asking: So What Can I Do?Firstly you need to know what to do to get yu video ranked high in, and it is not just making a video and hoping for the best, it is alittle like SEO. Google is the world’s largest search engine and we today do not know for sure the exact algorthm behind how google ranks websites. There are some proven and tested techniques that alot of internet guru’s have tried that has contributed to good rankings. But this we will discuss later in this article.

Firstly, How Do You Create Videos?
Most of us think it is daunting to create videos and is it very difficult to do but today it is not so difficult with all the latest technology, getting a video filmed and edited is much
easier than before. You maybe asking that you do not know how to edit videos and it is difficult but there is video editing software like the Apple iMovie and Windows Live Movie Maker come standard with every laptop that is purchased. These are more than sufficient. This is a great way to create amateur videos on Believe me it is the content that is the most important and not a flashy video that makes no sense. You can also use everyday accessories sunch as recording yourself talking using a digital camera, a webcam or even your smart phone, so you do not need fancy, expensive software. You can also use Camstudio, which is free, Camtasia, you need to pay to create your videos from your own computer or laptop recording your onscreen video. Animoto is also another online software (free and paid option), I would suggest that you try out the above options and see what works for you best. Stick to the option and start creating and uploading your videos to

How to Get High Video Rankings
There are many aspects to get high video rankings, it is not just uplaoding them and hoping for the best. I will outline some tips that have been tested to increase video rankings as mentioned previously no one knows for sure the algorithm behind high video rankings. So go and create your own video, ready for upload and then apply the tips below.

Step 1 – Your Keyword Research Is Very Important
You know what you want to promote and what your niche is so you have a pretty good idea what keywords you want to target, this does not change anything for it is exactly the same way you would select keywords for your articles, blogposts or website. People are searching the internet the same way if it is for google or, so using the Google Keyword Tool will help you choosing your keyword, and is no different. So when you are choosing good keywords you need to have:

  • More than 500 global monthly searches
  • Have 3 words ot more in your chosen keyword phrase, by doing this it is making the keyword more specific and targeted. This will also be enough to help you start optimizing your videos for hgh rankings.

Step 2 – Your Title Needs to be Optimized
Your Title is very important and the general idea is that takes your title into consideration when ranking your video. So remember your title is important and take time when choosing your title. If you create a video on making money online, your keyword could be ” make money secrets” and in that case your title could be the following:

1) “Make Money Secrets – 3 Ways How to Use Make Money Secrets That Don’t Cost You A Dime To Implement”.
2) “Make Money Secrets – 3 Simple Make Money Secrets That Need Less Than 30 Minutes A Day To Follow”.
Are you seeing how I optimize the titles above? I repeated the keywords twice, to tell that my video is really about “Make Money secrets”.
But don’t repeat too often. Remember, the title has to be read right too. So if you repeat too much, it won’t read normally, which can turn people off.
Take a look at your keywords and see how you can implement them in your title properly.

Step 3 – Putting In Your Tags
Once you have uploaded your video you will be prompted to insert your videos tags. The tags are to tell what your video is all about, so that people searching for your keywords will be able to see what your video is all about. You most probably noticed that when you look at your video, once you have uploaded it to, there are related video shown on the side bar. What does this mean, it means that those videos are chosed based on the tags that they have. So in order to drive traffic to your site or product you promoting you need as much exposure as you can for your video, and that is exactly when your tags com in. I would suggest to put in 15 tags or more for your video so the it will be returned as a related video for as many searched as possible.

Step 4 – Descriptive Length of Your Video Description
Write a long descriptive of your video description, your video description plays an important part by telling the relevance of your video with regards to your subject matter. So once again it is important to write a keyword rich description. You will rank higher so learn to write some great and useful content so can tell that your video is useful to the people searching your keyword term. You will also notice that the more videos you post on the better and easier it becomes to write these descriptions. Make it interesting so that people want to click through to your site.

Step 5 – Like Video and Get Friends To Watch
In video marketing this is one of the keys to high ranking videos. It is a fact that themore views and like you have the higher your video will rank. It is deemed that the more likes and views you have the more helpful your video is. So share your video on Facebook, twitter or any other social media network you use. This is a great way to get your video to go viral on the socail networks.

Important Tips About Your Videos
Remember,you are not just doing this for the sake of getting more views, you want to rank your video high so that more people will get to see your website or product you promoting. You must insert your website url so that people will click further to your website or product you promoting. So while it is very important to get views and likes, you must not forget you primary goal and ail, which is to drive traffic back to your site or product you promoting.

I hope you have enjoyed this article ” Traffic Secrets with YouTube and tomorrow I will share some more important tips about “Traffic Secerets with YouTube”
Finally, TAKE ACTION NOW! And may you find video marketing success.

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