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    The profile owner is a marketer for Statlogistics<, view website, an online freight forwarder company in California. As a marketer, she promotes the STAT’s forwarding services through the online social media campaign and visits forum sites for possible questions about logistics company. She is honest, zealous and trustworthy to her career or to her job. She stays late in the office just to finish her work for the day. Late hours of work is her drive to accomplish her marketing tasks.

    About Her Work

    freight forwarderIn addition, she works as a writer for STATlogistics.com, their special freight forwarding service through sea vessels. As a writer, she informs her readers about the benefits of using an Ocean Freight Forwarder compare to the other. She also writes information about how logistics or supply chain works, and how this type of industry will be of great help to the economy. She is very smart in detailing those procedures to her online readers. Aside from that, she is a mother of two kids and likes to spend the rest of the weekend with her family as well.