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    his own success or
    dence. The fact that his ethical writings, in particular, abound in inconsistencies is by no means, in itself, a fatal objection to using them with elementary classes. The same objection might be urged against including the writings of Leibniz in an elementary course in metaphysics; and yet Michael Kors Outlet it would be hard to name a philosopher whose works will more speedily arouse in the average student a genuine Michael Kors Outlet Store appreciation of the essential problems of philosophy. The real proof or disproof of the editor’s contention, then, must be his own success or failure in producing a satisfactory introduction to ethics in this carefully arranged edition of Mill’s principal writings on the subject. For of Dr. Douglas’s eminent qualifications for such a task, no one can doubt who is acquainted with his earlier book entitled John Stuart Mill: A Study Michael Kors Factory Outlet of His Philosophy. The present volume contains,—besides three introductory essays Michael Kors Factory Store by the editor, and an analysis (hardly needed) of the two writings of Mill, the text of which occupies much the greater part of the book,—the first five chapters of Book VI of the Logic, "On the Logic of the Moral Sciences"; the Utilitarianism; and an appendix in which are given together representative passages illustrating Mill’s views on ‘causality and induction,’ his ‘theory of the self,’ his’theory of the relation of morality to nature,’ and his ‘estimate of Bentham.’ The footnotes to the "Logic of the Moral Sciences" and the Utilitarianism also form an essential feature of the book. These consist mainly of passages taken from the various writings in which Mill incidentally touches upon ethical subjects, and so serve to illustrate the particular points under discussion. It will be seen that, in one form or another, a not inconsiderable part of Mill’s Kors Outlet ethical writings are here presented. And one may add at once that the editorial work has been done with perfectly competent knowledge of the materials to be handled, as well as with much skill and good taste. It is really a considerable help to have, not only the chapters from the Logic and the Utilitarianism, but the significant passages which, in the original, are scattered through several volumes, mainly devoted to other subjects, thus printed together. No advanced student, at any rate, unless he has himself made a somewhat careful study of Mill, should neglect to avail himself of the help which this volume affords.And yet, I am inclined to think that as an Introduction to Michael Kors Outlet Online Ethics —the purpose for which it was designed—this book will hardly prove a success; and, moreover, that it might have been made a good deal more useful to the advanced student, if his needs had been kept more in view. It has already been suggested that the mere fact that Mill is guilty of rather serious inconsistencies when treating of ethical subjects, is not by any means in itself a fatal objection to his writings being used by junior students, and as an introduction to the subject. But in reality the case is a good deal worse than this. If one go beyond the Utilitarianism for a statement of M