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    At present, because a more and more many white-collar race, the middle-aged person and old person, all choose the massager to alleviate bend over one’s desk the work for a long time, some diseases and so on cervical vertebra, waist which the posture causes not correctly, but had very many people to purchase the massage chair, all did not know if used the massager correctly, also did not know how greatest degree did maintain the massager, let the massager use lastingly, therefore, the massage did not have sorrow in here for everybody under the explanation, hoped might have the help to everybody!
    1.    According to different massage function, choice different type massager. According to the different massage spot, chooses corresponding massage attire on the massager.
    2.    Inspects the massager the wire, the plug, the outer covering and so on is whether complete, use voltage and city voltage is whether consistent.
    3.    According to need, selection switch “strong”, “weak” position, starts when uses, may first the switch transfer to “weakly” the files, after treats the massage little time, if felt not ill, adjustable to “strong” files.
    4.    Each time massages time generally most 30min.If in the massage process or after the massage, the bodily feeling is ill, should suspend the use.
    5.    In the massage process, like appears the oscillator motionless, the play inspires loosens or the sound oversized and so on the freak occurrence, should switch off the switch immediately, tears off the power source plug, the careful inspection, fixes behind the breakdown to be able again to use.
    6.    When operation, grasps holds the massager to have the arm inspires the person or household who refuses to move and bargains for unreasonably high compensation when the land is requisitioned for a construction project, this is the normal phenomenon. If has the ill feeling, may wrap some such as sponge and so on soft, reduces the arm to inspire. 
    7.    Not suitably when takes a bath as well as the moist place use alternating voltage 220V massager, also do not have to let Shum Jana on the massager, has the electric shock danger by the rabbit.
    8.    Contracts heart disease, neurosis or other serious illness patient is not generally suitable uses the massager voluntarily, should under other people help according to the doctor’s advice use.
    9.    If massages time perspires mostly, dries after the towel massages again, like this rests entire, the effect also is good.
    10.    Between the electromagnetic massager movable ferrite core and the fixed ferrite core distance size, to vibrates the strong and the weak to have the very tremendous influence, its gap is bigger, the magnetic line of force induction is weaker, the vibration is also weaker; Otherwise, the gap is smaller, then vibrates strongly. Usual massager strong and the weak when rework has moved, the common user does not need to readjust. But, because various people need to be different with the feeling, when necessity, still might carry on the appropriate readjustment. The adjustment step is as follows: Turns on the plastic protecting cover. Adjusts its gap position to up to (usually to maintain moderately at 3~5mm).Installs the plastic protecting cover, puts through the power source, the inspection strong and the weak is whether suitable. If is not suitable, may duplicate the above step to suitably up to.http://www.yourettmassagechair.com