• Beata posted an update 2 years ago

    Over the 2012 I was hopping like a mad woman on having a plan. When you have a plan, you have a target / goal. Whatever your goal is new car, new house, having extra cash, your children’s education you need to write it down and you need to be very clear about what is your end result. From having a goal, you can formulate a plan how to achieve your goal. And here is the trick: break it down into “bite” size chunks, remember what mommy told you about chewing your food?! The smaller pieces the easier they are to digest. The same applies to business. If your plan is to buy a new car by November 2013 and pay cash for it you know that that you will need R400 000. Break it down to 10 months it is R40 000, and then break it down into 30 days and suddenly the number R1334 and 1334 looks far more achievable than 400 000. Making a plan and breaking it down into a daily tasks creates a routine. Success is nothing else then a series of actions that create a positive result.