Property Investing still the best

November 14, 2013 in Property Investment

Why is property investing still the best type of investment?

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Forex Currency Strength and Weakness Analysis

November 8, 2013 in Forex

Would you like to understand what you see in this chart?

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Daily Forex Trend Analysis

May 28, 2013 in Forex

The US markets are opening again today and we are already seeing some strength in the USD. EUR is trying hard to recover. CAD and GBP are still showing some weakness. Sudden weakness in the CHF and JPY after bullish runs and sudden strength in the AUD and NZD all are causing some volatility in the markets seen as huge candles on the charts. Only two possible entries for today with a very good one the USDCAD, so should CAD continue to fall it could become a great trend to ride.

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Forex Trend Analysis

May 20, 2013 in Forex

CAD and GBP are losing ground and we see it in all the trends we had, the price action has slowed down significantly and some even looks like it is going to reverse. USD is doing well thus showing a lot of promise in our trends. EUR is trying hard to maintain strength, but it is a bit sideways. AUD and NZD are showing some strength but it seems to be sort lived, will have to see. JPY is still strengthening but on the wrong side of the fence, will have to wait for it to give direction. CHF is weakening slowly on a sideways wave. At the moment some of our trends are holding, but if the currencies continue to do what they are doing, we will have to relook our trading trends.

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Daily Forex Trend Analysis

May 15, 2013 in Forex

Current Ideal currency pairs according to strength and weakness:


New Trends: EURUSD (Short)

Ideal currency pairs trending:
AUDUSD (Short): CADCHF (Long): GBPUSD (Short):  EURAUD (Long): AUDNZD (Short): GBPAUD (Long):NZDCAD (Short)

Trending pairs, but with volatility:
EURUSD (short): USDCHF (Long): USDJPY (Long): EURCHF (Long): EURJPY (Long): GBPCHF (Long): CADJPY (Long):
GBPJPY (Long): EURNZD (Long): EURCAD (Short): GBPCAD (Short): GBPNZD (Long):

No go:

Traders note:  Ideal gradient of a stable trending chart is between 35 and 55 degrees, less than 35 degrees will cause frustration as the price will be moving slowly, more than 55 degrees is very difficult to get an entry signal. Look at the price action first then the trend and then the indicator for your signal. Happy Trading!!

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