Weekly JSE Sector Analysis and best performing shares

November 26, 2012 in JSE

The following Sectors outperformed the top 40 last week:

JSE- BEVR:  Beverages Index
JSE-EQII: Equity Investment Instruments Index
JSE-FOOR: Food & Drug Retailers Index
JSE-FOOD: Food producers Index
JSE-FORE: Forestry Index
JSE-GENI: General Industrials Index
JSE-GERE: General Retailers Index
JSE-HEES: Health Care Equipment & Services Index
JSE-HOUSE: Household goods
JSE-INDT: Industrial Transportation Index
JSE-LIFE: Life Insurance Index
JSE-MEDI: Media Index
JSE-REAL: Real Estate Index
JSE-TECH: Technology Index
JSE-TELE: Telecommunications Index
JSE-TRAV: Travel and Leisure

To see the top performing shares in the strongest JSE sectors follow this link:


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