Forex Training Program 40% Christmas discount!

November 30, 2012 in Forex

Forex training for the absolute beginner!!
No information overload! Complex concepts explained in easy to understand and relevant examples.

Was R5000-00                     Now only R2950-00

Program consists of 5 sessions over 5 weeks:
1. What is Forex
– how does it work
– what is the risk
– what is pips and spreads and stop losses
– what is trading volumes, gearing and trading lots
– the difference between a standard account and mini account
and more

2.a  Meta trader 4 Platform training
– how to open a chart
– how to customize the chart
– how to add and remove indicators
– how to place a order and how to close a order
– how to add a stop loss and target

2.b The mindset of the market and the mindset of the trader
– why is the average lifespan of a retail trader 9 months
– greed and fear
– what sets the winners apart from the losers
– why are there so many rules in trading forex

3. Basic understanding of Technical Analysis
– what is technical analysis
– what is a chart
– what is a line, bar and candle chart
– what is bullish and bearish
– what is a trend
– what is trend analysis
– what is trend trading
– what is price action
and more

4. Money and risk management
– what is money management
– what is risk management
– how do I determine my risk profile
– how do I calculate my trading volumes
and more

5. The RealTrader trading method
– strength analysis
– trend confirmation
– entry
and more

Normal Price R5000-00    Now only R2950-00

Valid till 20 December 2012

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