Weekly JSE Sector Analysis with top performing shares

February 18, 2013 in JSE

According to the RT sector analysis method the following sectors outperformed the top 40 shares index, Alsi, last week:

Please note this is not advice for any investor to follow our trades, these trades are merely for educational purposes and you need to educate yourself to determine any entry signals. RealTrader uses a unique analysis process to determine possible entries on the top performing shares:

The shares mentioned with their sectors outperformed their Sectors performance.

JSE- BEVR: Beverages Index
JSE-CHES: Chemicals Sector
JSE-EQII: Equity Investment Instruments Index
JSE-FORE: Forestry
JSE-GENF: General Finance
JSE-GENI: General Industrials Index
JSE-HEES: Health Care Equipment & Services Index
JSE-INDT: Industrial Transportation Index
JSE-LIFE: Life Insurance Index
JSE-MEDI: Media Index
JSE-REAL Real Estate
JSE-TELE Telecom
JSE-TRAV: Travel and Leisure

For top performing shares and possible buy opportunities:

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