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February 18, 2013 in At Work, Personal Development, Skills Development

Sometimes projects can become exceedingly complex, and when they do it is not uncommon for us to become stressed and overwhelmed and start procrastinating.

I know for me the above is true…

When I’m involved in a project that starts to get very intense, e.g. a new system that needs to be implemented, but which requires the creation of several new documents and policies and amendments made to existing documents and policies before this can take place, it’s not unusual for me to want to curl into a ball, rock gently backwards and forwards and simply wait for it all to go away.

Unfortunately this is rarely an option (okay, it’s never really an option), and the longer I fret about where and how to begin instead of actually beginning, the closer my deadlines get, making the whole stress thing a whole lot more stressy.

Ugh, it’s a vicious cycle.

However, there’s a great way of lifting the cloud of confusion and making that elusive first step toward action, and it begins with the simple job of grabbing a pen and piece of paper (for some reason there’s no computer programme that quite compares to a good old pad and pen).

What I do now is map out the project, linking the items that depend on each other’s completion and highlighting the items being taken care of by other departments, until I am happy that the entire project is mapped out visually in front of me. (Ah! I can breath again!)

Now it becomes a lot easier to list these items in order of importance and get stuck right in. Or, if you find it difficult to separate the items by importance, just give them numbers anyway and tackle them that way.

The important thing for me is to be able to see the bigger picture and then number my tasks; if there is no apparent order of importance then it won’t make a difference which ones get done first, so long as they ARE getting done.

Do you get stressed when projects become complicated or are you typically cool, calm and collected? Email your comments to

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