I Challenge You

February 26, 2013 in Opinion

When was the last time you really got out of your comfort zone? Tried something new? Discovered something about yourself that you never knew was there?

Unfortunately for many of us the pattern is the same, and it goes something like this: Wake up, breakfast, get the kids to school, rush to work, race home, prepare supper, help with the homework, put the kids to sleep, tidy the kitchen, stagger to bed, repeat.

Not really much time in there for “getting out of your comfort zone”, is there?

The thing is, it’s really not that hard to just go ahead and do something new. We don’t have to be talking skydiving and bungee jumping yet, just start small. Challenge yourself to do something different everyday for a month and see where it takes you.

Some great ideas from an article called 30 Challenges for 30 Days include writing ‘this is why I like/love you’ notes to someone special, talking to a stranger everyday, taking a photo everyday, discovering new routes to work, making a concerted effort to only take the stairs…

The point is to change your habits, question WHY you always do things a certain way and to open yourself up to new experiences – of which there truly is an abundance.

Simply challenging yourself to complete one of these challenges can teach you a lot about yourself. Are you a quitter? Will you go all the way or have you already decided that this whole idea is a grand waste of time? How resistant are you to change? What are you really hoping to achieve by taking on one of these challenges?

What I suggest is that you go and read the list of challenges here, think about it, then either grab one by the horns and do it or forget about it altogether.

If you DO pick one of the challenges on the list we’d love to hear how it goes. Email your experiences to comments@StaffTraining.co.za and we may feature your story in an upcoming blog.

P.S. Don’t think we won’t be taking up a few of these challenges ourselves – we’ll let you know which ones and how we did in a month!

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